Monday, 28 September 2015

Motorized Window Awnings - To Give An Elegant Touch To Your Home

You might have spent a lot of time dressing up your windows with curtains, shades, blinds or drapes as these things are often regarded as the basic requirements to decor the interiors of your home or workplace. However, the outer side of the window most often goes overlooked by the home owners and even professional builders at the time of construction, which leaves the exterior of the windows dull and boring. Placing awnings is one of the way you can choose to make the interior and exterior of your place look more attractive and lively. These awnings will not only go well with your carpet and furniture but will also protect them as the sun rays that are coming from outside may fade the shine of the furniture.

With the advancement in technology, you can now avail window wooden blinds, motorized blinds, patio awnings, retractable awnings, garage door screens, outdoor umbrellas, and even more. Several companies also offers varieties of window vertical blinds to enhance the decor your area but there are many things that should be kept in mind before selecting the product. The material of the frame of the  awnings has a direct impact on how long the product will last. Although, steel is a tough material and feels like it may last for a long time, but the material is prone to rusting, thereby, lowering the quality of awnings.

Among all of them, motorized window blinds are considered as the best awnings in terms of convenience, safety, cost saving and elegance. Motorized window blinds are one of the most modern and innovative window products in the market today as the window can be opened and closed through a remote device and doesn’t allow the sunlight to enter the home. Things like weather protection, energy efficiency and costs, UV protection, rain protection, and even snow shedding are things that must be planned or considered properly long before you are thinking to construct or purchase the awnings. Going over all of these things in great detail with a contractor well in advance of the construction will help you to ensure that your product will last for years.  Design And Decor is one of the top-notch companies dealing in a wide range of decorative window blinds, roller blinds and zebra blinds that are durable and long lasting.

Whether you are constructing a house or remolding it into a new one, roller blinds is another important thing that should be kept into consideration for your current or new residence. The product gives you the exact same look like curtains. You can pick a variety of  styles and colors in roller blinds to lend elegance to your commercial or a home space. The entire feel of the room can change if you choose  the right fabric, texture and color. Design And Decor is engaged in supplying the motorized window awnings, vertical window awnings, roller blinds, zebra blinds and many more in trendy designs and colors to all its customers at affordable prices that will strength and add greater appeal to the looks of your windows and furniture.

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Emerging Trend of Decorative Sun Control Glass Films

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is the most practical way to personalize and improve the appearance of the vehicle. Tinted car windows will not only protect you from direct sunlight by hiding your eyes but will also create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. There are numerous decorative glass films manufacturers and suppliers, who are engaged in providing effective and durable glass films to protect you from the sunlight. When it comes to protecting yourself from sun, tinted sun control glass films are the best films which can reduce the intensity of the sunlight entering through the window. Moreover, you can use these films not only on cars and other vehicles but these can also be used in situations where you may need privacy such as at offices, resorts, home etc. But while choosing the glass films, make sure that you choose suitable films. Going for a fully transparent glass will not be the best option, especially for buildings with a lot of unified glass paneling. Therefore, choosing tinted or matte finish glass can sometimes work better in such structures.

If you are sitting at home or attending an important meeting, motorized widow blinds is another type of blinds you can opt for as you can simply open and close the windows with a touch of button and prevent the sunlight to enter the home. These window blinds have become the need and fashion for the people. Things like weather protection, energy efficiency and costs, UV protection, rain protection, and even snow shedding are the things that must be kept in mind when you think to construct or purchase  sun control glass films or window awnings. In addition to this, they also lessen the quantity of power by bringing the electric bills down. Choosing reliable window awnings for your area will avoid sun from shining in the windows and on to the furniture. As a result, your expensive furniture will not fade or damaged from the sun. Going over all of these things in detail with a contractor well in advance of construction will help you to ensure that your product will last for years. Design And Decor is one of the top-notch manufacturer and supplier of decorative glass films that offers customers all kinds of glass films according to their budget and need. The company also deals in frosted glass films, roller blinds etc. Roller blinds look exactly like the curtains and gives your home an appealing look if you choose the right fabric, texture and color of these roller blinds. To know more, you can visit the website.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Carpet Tiles & Laminated Wooden Flooring - The Recipe for a Beautiful Space

Best-in-class wooden flooring, elegant carpet tiles, charming wall to wall carpets are all signs that lead to properties that are not only classy but also are the topics of discussions amongst the people that live or walk through such surroundings every day. There is something different in the environment of a premises equipped with laminated wooden flooring, something mystical yet appealing. 

Lamination provides marble like finish whereas wood makes one feel closer to the mother nature. Most of us would agree to the fact that wooden floors are not only beautiful than their counterparts but they carry a sense of royalty. The number of times I have walked on one, the number of times I have fallen in love with the same.  

Such laminated wooden floors mixed with wall to wall carpets in the other most accessible and visited areas add to the aroma and flavor of the place. A good home or for that matter, a commercial office takes a lot of effort and input  in terms of ideas and materials used. A lot of interior designing agencies around the world agree on the fact that the design, color and material used to manufacture carpets, carpet tiles and flooring in accordance with the house or office design are prime factors in deciding the final outlay of any and every space. Artificial grass is one of the other components that in most cases, is under utilized. It has the capability of turning dull environments into sparkling ones at costs which are much lower in comparison to the natural ones.

The way an office or home is furnished is one of the most easiest way of telling about the personalty of its owner and when we do not leave any stone unturned in grooming ourselves then why should we go soft on the furnishing of our homes. One major factor that holds us back while applying the mentioned thought of making the inside of walls that we usually spent the majority of our lives in is the cost factor. It is not the availability of wall to wall carpets or carpet tiles that is a challenge but the cost involved in buying and installing these. But the days and situations never remain the same and modernization of technology and manufacturing the design and decor utilities like the quality of wooden flooring while being easy on the pocket. Who would have thought that the common flooring would evolve to laminated wooden flooring with advancement in time and technology. Today, several organizations like Design And Decor are involved in providing different types of flooring options. Time has endowed humans with skills that even the barren areas can now easily be given a green touch with the use of different forms of artificial green grass. One can literally choose from the different shades and lengths when it comes to artificial grass.

There exist loads of home improvement ideas and options over the internet. Design and decor of a space is the need of the hour, and it is not a bad idea to spent a good amount of time over them.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Why Motorized Window Blinds Coverings And Sun Control Films are Important

Windows are installed in almost all the residential as well as commercial buildings for several reasons and benefits. The installation of windows in homes not only help you get a chance to experience the lovely views around you, but also help manage the interior temperature of your home. But, some people forget that the best windows in the house need a form of coverage to maintain privacy and comfort for day and night. In this regard, motorized window blinds act as the best option that help enhance your sense of privacy as well as security. Most of the people have no problem with this idea that night is a period of extreme privacy. Imagine a situation when you turn on the lights of your room at night and there are no window coverings, in that situation, you are exposing yourself to the outside world.

What are the different advantages of installing coverings on windows?
The various advantages of installing window coverings in the residential as well as commercial buildings have been pointed below:-

Help change appearance of any space: The first advantage of installing coverings on the windows is that they help change the appearance of any space by making the adjustments to the amount of light required to enter in a room.

Help add height, color and depth into a room: Every homeowner wants their living place to be the best looking space. So, the home owners would like to add every possible item that can easily fulfill their desire. One thing that ensures achieve your desired level of appearance is window coverings. These coverings create illusions and enhance features of a home. Hanging panels or drapes from ceiling to the floor create height illusion, layers of draperies create texture & depth and placing plain blinds enhances color appearance.

Help define, divide or unify interior spaces: Approaching the best provider of window coverings in Delhi helps to define, divide and unify interior spaces. The use of these coverings do not make any difference between your living and dining room. They come in different colors and styles to serve as a divider of the spaces. The unifying effect is beneficial in homes designed with a long wall featuring several windows.

Like window coverings and motorized window blinds, another important item that provides protection against harmful sun rays is sun control films in Delhi. These films are highly suited for all types of buildings as they reject nearly 75% of the sun's heat without lowering the light level. Some important features of sun control films include-
  • Suit all kinds of decor
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Water resistant
Benefits or advantages of sun control films
  • Reduce the air-conditioning heat load and give an additional cooling effect.
  • Sun control film blocks up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.
  • Reject up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows.
  • Allow up to 50% of the light through your windows.
  • Help avoid scratches appearing during cleaning of the glasses.
Hope, you have understood the importance of window coverings, motorized window blinds and sun control films after going through this post. If you are looking for the best provider of window coverings in Delhi, then Design and Decor is a trusted name. It is also a recognized provider of sun control films in Delhi.